2018 Committee

Welcome from the ABA president – Noel Hutley SC

Welcome to the Australian Bar Association’s national conference Rise 2018β€”an opportunity to discuss how the legal profession can meet the challenges of global transformations and improve its capacity to advocate for the rule of law and social justice. Join us for a keynote address by the Honourable Susan Kiefel AC Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, and sessions featuring panels of respected thinkers, judges, advocates and other leaders. You are invited to discuss the challenges and opportunities for counsel and the wider legal profession and judiciary on a range of practice areas and legal issues including international commercial arbitration, tax administration, civil litigation, criminal law, constitutional recognition, and human rights.

Welcome from the NSWBA president – Arthur Moses SC

The New South Wales Bar is delighted to host Rise 2018 together with the Australian Bar Association. It is an opportunity for delegates from across the country to meet and plan for the future of the legal profession and to workshop issues of national and international significance. Participants will consider how the legal profession can rise to the challenges of adapting to changing legal, political and social environments. Promoting resilience, relevance, and respect for the profession and judiciary are essential for maintaining the rule of law and with it a tolerant, cohesive and inclusive society. We look forward to welcoming you to Sydney and engaging in productive dialogues.


Noel Hutley SC, President, Australian Bar Association
Arthur Moses SC, President, NSW Bar Association
Kate Eastman SC, 6 St James Hall Chambers
Dr Jacoba Brasch QC, 18 Inns Barristers Chambers
Professor George Williams AO, UNSW Law Dean
Angela Noakes, Chair, NSW Clerks Association
Cindy Penrose, CEO, Australian Bar Association
Greg Tolhurst, Executive Director, NSW Bar Association